Artist Statement

Most galleries prefer an artist whose work appears to be a series, or to have a repetitive style, i.e. Monet's water lilies.  However, I agree with Hans Hofmann who maintains that each painting should be a unique entity unto itself, unrestricted by one defining style.  If I were forced to define my style, I'd call it maverick expressionism, unimpeded by stylistic dictates.  My work is avant-garde.

 My art employs the various depth and width of my oeuvre, from frivolity to profundity.  In real estate, it's location, location, location.  With Al Coyote Weiner, it's eclectic, eclectic, eclectic.  My paintings have expansive and unabridged use of color.  They cross the border of confinement and question the status quo.  Viewers find my paintings have an unusual impact and high entertainment value.  They heighten the viewers? creative experience and appreciation of color.  As a late bloomer and cancer survivor, I feel my work offers inspiration and enjoyment.

 I'm feeling great, and producing my best art yet.  Altogether, I've had 20 one-man shows, participated in joint exhibitions, and been accepted for numerous juried shows.  I've made the decision to be a life-long student of art, embracing painting with a resolute focus, taking courses, showing my works, and joining organizations.

 Background: "Tempestuous", Acrylic, 48" x 32"

Artist in front of "Before The Storm, or Sugar Doggie Meltdown" and "Don't Fence Me In".